Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Roding - Navestock

Thames Tributary – tributary to the river Roding
The tributary rises in this area and flows north towards the Roding

Post to the west Navestock Park

Dudbrook Road
Hazle Spring
Lady’s Hill
Fortification Wood. Earthworks which may be an enclosure to a moated manor. It is however in a good defensive position.
Church Wood
Red Wood
Does Hill Cottages

Shonks Mill Road
Norpar Barns, set up in 1969 as flower drying business and this continues with other sales in a series of barns.
The Granary museum is in a 14th farm building and shows old farming & household implements. It is a timber-framed building with a plaque saying 'J.C. 1788 re-built'
Stable. Weather boarded building probably early 15th and probably not built as a stable.
Navestock Hall Cottages
Navestock Hall Farm. Navestock manor is documented since before Domesday and eventually was in the hands of the Waldegrave family. A 14th inventory describes a building probably on the site of the present Navestock Hall, which is now a farm and dates from the 16th. , a German landmine in 1940 revealed older structures than that on a rainwater head inscribed 'E. W. 1757'
Navestock Hall site. The site of a later manor house, is north-east of the farm. This was built in the 18th by Lord Waldegrave .it had a stable-yard, kitchen gardens and formal gardens. The house was a brick building. In 1811 the house was demolished and later a summer-house was built there and this was replaced by a memorial which is said to be still there.
Navestock Park. This 18th deer park reached from Navestock hall almost to the Roding. It contained two wooded duck decoys. A double avenue, a mile long, ran across the river to the
Ongar road.
Ice House. 19th in yellow brick with a domed top and a doorway at ground level.
St.Thomas the Apostle. 11th church originally rebuilt in the 13th and subject to Second World War bombing. It is flint and rubble with a timber tower carbon dated to the 12th but it withstood the 1940s bomb. In 1954 when Pevsner saw it it was derelict. The organ came from Southwood House, Highgate. There are memorials to the Waldegraves.

Slade’s Farm
This is an old manorial site and there are remains of a moat


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