Thames Tributary River Roding - Shonks Mill

Thames Tributary River Roding
The Roding continues to flow south and west. It is joined by the mill leat and by a tributary from the north west

Post to the west London Road
Post to the north London Road
Post to the east Navestock Park

London Road
Lawns. 16th house timber framed and rendered. Barn with the date of 1789 carved on a beam, timber framed and weather boarded. Granary 18th timber framed and weather boarded standing on cast iron steddle stones.
Shonks Mill Bridge. This is a medieval crossing and is noted in 1566 as a timber bridge in need of repair and there was the usual dispute over who was responsible. Rebuilt by the County Surveyor, John Johnson, in timber in 1810. It was damaged by floods in 1943 and one abutment was then rebuilt in concrete
Shonks Mill may have been named from a medieval family but the mill itself seems to date from the late 18th. Humped brick bridge and mill race probably 17th although the parapets have been rebuilt. The mill was out of use by 1860, and has since been demolished.
Shonks Mill House
Millers Cottage
Shonks Mill Road


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