Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Roding - Great Monk Wood

Thames Tributary – tributary to the River Roding
The tributary flows eastwards

44 01
Post to the west Ambresbury Banks 43 01
Post to the east Great Gregories 45 01
Post to the north Epping Bell Common

Epping Road
Park Cottage
Yew Tree Cottage

Epping Forest
Tank trap forming a bank with ditch. Part of defensive ring built for the Second World War
Great Monk Wood covers the high ground between the Wake valley and one to the east. In the 13th it belonged to Stratford Langthorne Abbey and part to Waltham Abbey and there was some conflict between the two when timber was cut. Lopping rights were not practised in Monks Wood and pollarding, was done by the Lord of the Manor until 1842. Some beeches in the wood are old and diseased and some ‘maiden’ beech pollards thus being created.

Forest Side
Mulberry Cottage. 19th house with smooth render & decorative features
Brackley. 19th house with smooth render & decorative features
Ridge House 19th house with smooth render & decorative features

Green Ride
The Green Ride was cut through the Forest in preparation for its official dedication by Queen Victoria in 1882.

Theydon Road
Club house for Theydon Bois golf course. The course dates to the late 19th.
Theydon Towers. Big house built in the 1880s and used a military hospital during the First World War. Then the South West Ham Committee (part of the Charity Organisation Society) gave this yellow brick 19th century house - to Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End as a children's convalescent home. Closed in 1927 because of funding difficulties and the house was sold. It may then have become the Loreto Convent eventually a home for unmarried pregnant women. The site has since been redeveloped and converted into housing
Cottage became a Home of Rest for the nurses of the Hospital
Bowden’s Meadow. Red brick 19th house


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