Tributary to the Cripsey Brook - North Weald

Tributary to the Cripsey Brook
The tributary rises in this area and flows eastwards towards the Cripsey Brook

Post to the east Blake Hall Road

Blake's Golf Course. Opened in 2005 as a commercial venture

Ongar Radio Transmitting Station
The most easterly part of the transmitting station was in this area. It was originally built in 1920 by Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company and in 1934 became Cable and Wireless. In 1943 masts and beam aerials were brought here from Tetney and a new 'D' station was built three quarters of a mile from the main part of the station. This was the first transmitting station in the country to run unattended. Four 25kW short wave transmitters handled services to Bombay, Melbourne and Moscow while a fifth 20kW transmitter handled Cairo and the Middle East. By the mid 1990's the aerials had gone and a fire in 1997 removed most of the buildings

Ongar Great Park,
This was the first recorded English deer park, and is noted mentioned in a will of 1045. It is between five and six miles in circumference, which would have had a high bank and pale.

Roman Road
This is only a ‘possible’ Roman road said to run between London and Dunmow. There is also said to be some remains of a metalled Roman road surface in this area.


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