Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook - Shelley Common

Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook
The Brook continues to flow south east towards the River Roding and is joined by a tributary stream from the west.

Post to the east Shelley
Post to the north Moreton
Post to the south Shelley

Moreton Road
Wood Farm. Also called Southend Farm or Henhouse Farm with an 18th- farm-house which is timber framed and plastered. 2 Barns from the 16th timber framed and weather boarded. Granary from the 17th timber framed, weather boarded and standing in concrete staddles. Resting Pets Crematorium & Animal Country Club
Bundish Spring. A small woodland area containing many coppiced ancient hornbeams.
Ashlings, built on the site of a house called Motes, and some of the moat remains. Ashlings itself was once three timber-framed estate cottages belonging to Blake Hall
Gothic Cottages. a pair of estate cottages used as a lodge and now one house. It dates from 1830 and is brick built and rough rendered.
Round Spring
Long Walk

Shelley Common
Round barrows – three beside the meandering Cripsey Brook. The northern mound is the best preserved


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