Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook - Moreton

Thames Tributary Cripsey Brook
The Brook continues to flow south towards the Roding

TL 53 08
Post to the north- High Laver - 53 09
Post to the west - Ashlyns - 52 08
Post to the south - Moreton - 53 07

Harlow Road
Church Farm – the site of this farm is on the corner of North Lane
Gravel Pits. The Moreton Sand-Gravel Company was established in 1889 by a local family and closed in 1998. Some of the work is landscaped as of nature interest
Lakeview Caravan Park –partly on the site of the gravel works. “Nissen hut” type building adjacent to the road.
Brook House. Crispins. 18th timber framed and weather boarded house. This is said to have been built on the site of the Castle Inn which became the Castle House Stores.
Congregational chapel. Closed in the late 1960s and used as an artist’s studio. Now derelict.
First World War hangar. Originally an aircraft hangar from North Weald airfield. It is a timber clad structure with a corrugated metal roof which was at one time a depot housing steam tractors for the agricultural contractor Walter Matthews

Maltings Hill
Nether Hall. 17th timber framed and plastered house. Granary. 17th timber framed and weather boarded building and similar stable block

Mill Lane
Dealtree cottage. 17th timber framed and plastered house with thatched roof.
Cottage. 18th timber framed and plastered brick house
Moreton Mill – complex of modern factory buildings used by agricultural contractors.
Windmill. The mill house was demolished about 1860 and the mill itself in the late 1940s, it had stopped work about 1932. It was a weather-boarded post mill, with a brick round house. It was said to have been brought from Bishop's Stortford in the 18th


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