The London/Surrey boundary.Fickleshole

TQ 38 61 An area of farmland and woods

Boundary London/Surrey/Croydon
The boundary crosses Featherbed Lane and continues south west between Chapel Wood and Coldblow Shaw and Then, following the edge of the wood, it turns abruptly north west and continues in that direction, crossing a path and then along the edge of Crab Wood. At the end of that wood it meets a path and then another but continues in its north west direction on the eastern edge of Frylands Wood parallel but some way to the west of Featherbed Lane.

Post to the north Featherbed Lane
Post to the east Skid Hill

On the Kent, Tandridge, side of the border

Farleigh Court Road
Little Farleigh Green Farm. Riding school.
Scotshall Farm

Featherbed Lane
Crab Wood
Coldblow Shaw
Chapel Hill
Chapel Bank Nature Reserve is a west facing slope and valley. It has a lot of recreational use and encroachment from scrub so the character has changed. It has suffered from motorcycles and landrovers running down the hillside. It was grazed by sheep which encouraged short grass However rabbit grazing has continued and the grassland has carline thistles, wild thyme, sheep fescue, milkwort and man and twayblade orchids hawthorn and dogwood scrub grow with sanicle, primrose, moschatel, woodruff, violets and yellow archangel. At least 21 butterfly species have been recorded including brimstones, small tortoiseshells and meadow browns, and the dark green fritillary, white letter hairstreak and dingy skipper. foxes and badgers live as well as with slow worms, and common lizards..
Bograms Wood
Fairchildes Farm

Hamlet with farming.
The White Bear. This was once a terrace of cottages with just a small pub at the end. The original bear came from an auction at the Criterion, Picccadilly in 1905 but was stolen by Canadian soldiers in the Second World War. This one is concrete.

High Hill Road
Beechfield Wood
Ebbutts Shaw
Great Hill Shaw

Park Road
Fickleshole Farm. flint and red brick

This material has been compiled over many years and from many different sources


Steve Langham (SARG) said…
Hi M, I'd be very grateful if you could contact me about adder sightings at Chapel Hill Nature Reserve. This may be an important sighting!

Many thanks, Steve Langham, Chair Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group
Edith said…
thanks for contacting me about this. As I say this information comes from many sources over many years, some of it may well be very out of date - and I am very keen for people with better knowledge to correct it.
I have taken the reference to adders out but if you want to add something, please do.

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