The London/Kent Boundary. Well Hill

TQ49 65 An area of woodland, fields and scattered housing

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary runs down Daltons Road, crosses south of the green at the junction with Skeet Hill Lane and goes down a path south opposite. It leaves the path at a junction from the east and curves in a semi circle, round and back to the path at the edge of Doctor’s Wood. It follows the wood boundary south west and turns south east as the wood boundary goes west. It reaches Pump Lane and follows for a while to the west of it , but then roughly follows it, and then continues to follow along it.

On the border
Pump Lane
Kent Hounds Pub. Closed. Only accessible up a track.

Post to the north Skeet Hill
Post to the south Well Hill
Post to the east Lullingstone Parkgate

On the Kent, Sevenoaks side of the border

Firmingers Road
A ‘firminger’ is said to be someone who sells cheese, from the Old French ‘formagier’..

Lane off Well Hill
Mission Church. One of a number of missions built for hop pickers in the late 19th

On the London, Bromley side of the border

Doctor’s Wood

Owen Wood

Compilation of this work has taken many years and numerous sources of material.


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