The London/Surrey Boundary. The Devil's Den

The London/Surrey/Croydon boundary goes up Ditches Lane

Very rural area as the road goes up the Gullett onto Farthingdown

Post to the north Farthingdown
Post to the east Happy Valley
Post to the south Chaldon

Sites on the boundary

Ditches Lane
Was previously Didges Lane
The Gullet
Figgs Wood private woodland
The Devil’s Den
Devilsden Wood. Acquired in stages by the council between 1937 and 1938 and leased for farming. It is dominated by oak with ash and wild cherry. Below the understorey are plants associated with ancient woodland like wood anemone, bluebells and lords and ladies. The are ancient yews. There is a chalk mine in the wood.
Sparklie Wood
Ditches Shows
Coal post east side of the lane near Devilsden

Chelsea Speleological Society. Newsletter
Coal Posts. Web site
London Borough of Croydon. Web site
Surrey County Council. Web site


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