The London/Surrey boundary. Chaldon

The London/Surrey/Croydon boundary comes westwards to Ditches Lane where it meets the boundary of the Reigate and Banstead District of Surrey. However, the London/Surrey /Croydon boundary turns north to follow Ditches Lane
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A rural area with some scattered housing - but including an amazing old church

Post to the north Devilsden
Post to the east Chaldon

Sites on the Surrey, Tandridge side of the border

This plateau on the slope of the North Downs has a history of water scarcity. Before 1857 the water supply for Chaldon was at the bottom of White Hill and had to be carried up the slope using yokes and pails

Church Lane
Surrounding land belonged to the Church Glebe. 33 acres
The Rookery

Ditches Lane
St.Peter and St.Paul. A small church which might have been visited by travellers on the Pilgrims' Way. It is built of flint and dates from the late 12th with a tower and spire of 1843. It once had a bell with Lombardic inscription, believed to be the oldest in the country but it was stolen - there is a replica. Inside is a painting of hell –a purgatorial ladder with people ascending and descending; an angel waits above and a devil below, while St.Michael weighs the souls. The paints used were red and yellow ochre, cinnabar and whiteIt was painted about 1200, and later covered with whitewash, probably in the 1600s. Rediscovered in 1869 it was restored by the Surrey Archaeological Society. It is very rare, the subject chosen is very unusual and is a theme of Eastern European origin. There is a rare lizard oak pulpit of the mid 17th, and a plaque about the poor and needy.
Chaldon Court. Remains of a pre-Reformation house. Dates from 14th. Could be part of what was a much larger medieval house.
Court Farm.
Barns weather boarded 15th one is 18th the other 17th
Cowshed flint and long
Church Green – daffodils planted in memory of the Granville Wright family who lived at Hill Top Farm.

Sites on the Surrey, Banstead side of the boundary

Rook Lane
Furzewood Heath
Alderstead Heath - site of derelict Alderstead Fort
Coldblow. Medieval hall house. Redesigned c.1500.

Bourne Society. Web site
Chaldon Village Council. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. South London
Pevsner and Cherry. Sussex


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