The London/Kent boundary. Joydens Wood and Gattons

TQ 72 49 The square covers part of Joydens Wood, plus Gatton’s Wood and some other woodland areas

Boundary London/Kent/Bexley
The boundary continues southwards through Joydens Wood, not particularly straight and it is not followed by the paths. It leaves the wood and crosses Parsonage Lane and enters Chalk Wood.

Post to the west North Cray Road
Post to the north Mount Mascal
Post to the south Chalk Wood

The London/Bexley side of the boundary
Gatton's Wood and Plantation
Gatton was the name of the Gatton family, who held land here in the early 14th.
The woods cover an area of gravel soil and have some characteristics of ancient woodland. There is grass and bracken dominated areas with some acid heathland. Trees include oak hybrids, and spindle with acacia in the north. In the spring there are wood anemones and bluebells. Birds include woodcock, redpoll and sometimes sparrow hawks. There are long-eared bats, foxes, rabbits and badgers. This is part of a group of impressive ancient woodland sites here owned by the Woodland Trust.

Joyden’s WoodPart of a group of ancient woodland sites with sweet chestnut coppice, oak standards and planted areas of Corsican pine, cypress and of red oak. It part owned by the Woodland Trust. (Reference to the dyke and deneholes are in the contingent square to the east).
Hollow Way –some observers have noted an old road through the wood running north-south.
Hadlow Well. Marked on the map alongside the London boundary.

Parsonage Lane
53-59 Manor Cottages. Two storey and weatherboarded. Listed

Source material for this work has been gathered over many years and from many sources.


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