The London/Surrey boundary. Tithepit

TQ 34 60 An area of some countryside and suburban housing

Boundary London/Surrey/Croydon
The boundary emerges from the northern side of the pond from the east and crosses Limpsfield Road. It goes a short distance parallel but north of Shaw Lane and then turns abruptly north west to run up the west side of Princes Avenue. It crosses Clyde Avenue and goes south westwards some distance above but paralled to the northern boundary of Clyde Avenue. It crosses a footpath from Shaw Lane and then goes round the southern edge of Dipsey’s Shaw and continues south west.

Post to the west Rose and Crown Pit
Post to the east Hamsey Green

On the London, Croydon side of the boundary
Ansley Berry Shaw – woodland area. It has overgrown bramble areas with some wild cherry.

Dipsley’s Shaw - open pasture grassland

On the Surrey, Tandridge side of the boundary
Tithepit Lane
Warlingham School. A business and enterprise specialist school
Hamsey Green Junior School .opened in May 1949 with 170 children.
Warlingham Court Farm - caravan site
Batts Farm

The Dobbin
The Dobbin. It was covered with whitebeams after whose silvery leaves the area was named. There was an engine here which hauled up buckets of sewage to be dumped here. Cavern found here in 1963 during the building of a new roadway. It is thought that this was a denehole.
The Tithepit was an open quarry on the east side of the road and there was a tradition that taxpayers could take chalk from it. Considered likely that it was very ancient.

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