The London/Surrey boundary. Millstock

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The River Wandle- tributary the Bourne.
The western arm of the Bourne flows northwards towards the Wandle.

Post to the north Portnalls
Post to the east Dutch Village

The London/Surrey/Croydon boundary comes Westwards across the A23 to go along the northern boundary of Starrock Wood but about half way along turns due north to cross Starrock Road to Hollymead Road

Sites on the Surrey, Banstead side of the boundaryHow Green – open space owned by Reigate Council

Starrock Lane
Rocious de Storocke seems to have lived here in 1265 might mean someone who lived by a high rock.

Starrock Green - open space owned by Reigate Council Starrock Wood

Vincents Green - open space owned by Reigate Council
Starrock Court Cottage

Starrock Court – big house built in 1868 built of flint on a flint foundation – very unusual..

Starrock Farm had land on both sides of Starrock Lane

Sites on the London Croydon side of the boundary

Millstock – the area is said to be the site of a mill listed in the Domesday Book. It would have been powered by a stream from Hooley, called the Bourne.
Pit for clay extraction now filled in

This material has been collected over many years and from a wide variety of sources


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