The London/Surrey boundary. Old Farleigh Road

A square by square look at the London

TQ35 62 An area of woodland and housing

Boundary London/Surrey/Croydon. The boundary comes to the edge of Hillocks Wood and crosses Farleigh Road and then turns due south going towards Beeches Shaw.

Post to the east Selsdon Wood

On the London, Croydon side of the boundary
Hillocks Wood
Part of the area bought by Cresswell in 1924

Old Farleigh Road
Croydon High School for Girls. Opened in 1964 on this site. Large and in a hard style. The original school was founded in 1874 in Wellesley Road, Croydon, and is a Girl’s Day School Trust school.
Selsdon Park Hotel. Medieval castle built in the 19th and which used to be castellated. It was built by George Sutton MP and enlarged in 1925. It was owned by a series of wealthy men who used the surrounding woods for shooting.. it is was turned into a hotel in 1924, the golf club was added in 1929 and it acquired its Neo-Jacobean appearance in 1935.

Selsdon Hill

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