The London/Kent Boundary - Cudham/Halstead borders

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary leaves Perry’s Lane to follow Washney’s Lane and then New Year’s Lane.
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An area of Woodland. The boundary again goes down country lanes which seem ancient and remote from the modern world. Here I recently saw real wild deer jumping about in a road which was actually inside the London boundary.

Post to the east Halstead

On the boundary

New Year’s Lane
The area around the lane – including Newlands Wood and Washneys was sold in 1909 by the Earl of Derby to A.W.Machonocie – an early producer of tinned food. It was again sold in 1927 to Smithers.

Washney’s Lane
At the boundary the name has changed from Perry’s Lane to this
The Washneys. Common land
Newlands Wood
Hayman’s Wood

Smithers, Knockholt


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