The London/Surrey boundary. Featherbed Lane

TQ 38 62 rural roads on the edge of the down market New Addington Estate

Boundary London/Surrey/Croydon
The boundary goes west parallel to Fairchildes Avenue along Gushybank Shaw but curves south around the edge of the shaw and goes across the top of Three Corner Grove, down its south side and crosses Featherbed Lane going south west.

Post to the west Farleigh Dean
Post to the east New Addington
Post to the south Fickleshole

On the London, Croydon side of the border
Fairchildes Avenue
Gushybank Shaw

Featherbed Lane
The name might imply it had a soft surface
Hutchinson's Bank, Nature Reserve. Chalk downland with scrub . It is South West slope with a lot of recreational use. It used to be grazed by sheep but now hawthorn Scrub has swamped much of the chalk grassland. However, some small clearings and glades survive which has scented and brightly coloured herbs including burnet saxifrage, lady's bed-straw, hairy St John's wort, marjoram, and field scabious. small blue butterfly lives on kidney vetch found towards the bottom of the bank and there are orchids on the well-drained sunny slope
Threecorner grove – between Hutchinson’s and Chapel Banks. A small stand of ancient woodland of oak and hazel with wild garlic and bluebells
Peartree Farm Cottage
Coal post west side north of Fickleshole. gone


This material has been compiled over many years and from many different sources


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