The London/Kent boundary Cudham/Brasted

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary continues south down Cudham Lane South and on to The Nower. At the junction with Hogtrough Hill it turns sharply south west and goes parallel to but slightly north of a path to the south eastern edge of Joelands Wood.
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An area of countryside and woodlands, with houses and farms owned by rich people. The boundary has begun to move downhill in an area of thick mysterious woodland - and old extractive sites.

Post to the north Horns Green
Post to the south Hogtrough Hill

On the border

Cudham Lane
South Scott’s Lodge. Was once called White Lodge. Rebuilt in 1904. It was believed the name was changed because it might be that the original house was built by a Ralph Scot in the 14th, but not really clear. Home of the Bailey family who bred ponies and had Ghurkha servants. Fairmead

The Nower
Rosemary Farm
The Nower – the name of a hanging wood on a very steep chalk slope. Suggested it has a connection with the word ‘North’.

On the London, Bromley side of the border

Cudham Frith
One of London’s botanically most diverse woods. It included fly orchid, helleorine and twyblade

Grays Road
Joelands Wood.  Acid beech wood with breeding marsh tits
Cudham Frith Farm

Viewlands Avenue

On the Kent, Sevenoaks side of the border
Knockholt Main Road
Highman’s Wick
Laurel Cottage

London Borough of Bromley. Web site
Smithers. Knockholt


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