The London/Kent boundary - Crayford Marshes

The London/Kent Boundary Crayford Marshes
This square covers an area of Crayford Marsh alongside the Darent
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Bleak marshland with nothing but mud and a few horses

Post to the north Dartford Marshes
Post to the south The Darent meets the Cray
Post to the west Slade Green

The London (Bexley)/Kent Boundary.
The Boundary goes down the Darent, and then turns to follow the Cray

On the boundary
Darent. Plans for a Canal: In 1835 Parliament rejected a Bill proposing a straight canal from the Thames to Dartford independent of the creek, but five years later approved a plan to improve the creek by straightening some bends. This reduced its length by three-quarters of a mile. It is possible to see where this work was done in areas where the river and embankment are no longer close. The New Cut from Hibbert's Wharf to Great Morden Reach in 1843. The bank collapsed but eventually opened in 1844

London/Bexley side of the boundary
Crayford Marshes When the Cray joins the Darent, Dartford Fresh Marsh becomes Dartford salt marsh
The Cray sweeps to the left and is joined by a footpath from Howbury.
Crayford Marshes has hedgerows and grazing pastures.

Denny. Lets Explore the River Darent


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