Monday, 24 August 2009

Farleigh Dean

TQ37 62 an area of fields and woods and scattered housing

The boundary continues north west in Frylands Wood running parallel to Featherbed Lane. At the edge of the wood and the Bungalow it turns west and crosses Farleigh Dean and then goes along the edge if Frith Wood with Addington Court Old Golf Course to the north, also crossing a path between Featherbed Lane and Farleigh Court Road. It then reaches the southern boundary of Bears Wood Scout Camp.

Post to the west Selsdon Woods
Post to the east Featherbed Lane

On the London, Croydon side of the boundary
Farleigh Dean Crescent

Featherbed Lane
Frylands WoodFrith Wood

Farleigh Dean
Bears WoodAddington Court Golf courseThe Bungalow

This material has been compiled over many years and from many different sources

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