The London/Kent border Westerham Hill

TQ 44 57 An area of agricultural land beneath rolling hillside

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary proceeds westwards along a path to reach some woodland which it crosses and then runs along the edge of another length of wood, with another belt of woodland parallel to the south and crossing a path which comes from Gray’s Stud. The boundary continues westward.

The boundary has turned west at last and is heading parallel to the Pilgrim's Way and it predecessor tracks. This is an area of farmland which feels very empty and remot - despite the M25 and the odd bit of abandoned extractive industry. No wonder the Woolwich hid here in the War.

Post to the west Westerham Hill
Post to the east Hogtrough Hill
Post to the south Westerham London Road

On the Kent, Sevenoaks side of the border

Pilgrim House.used as headquarters by the Woolwich Building Society during the Second World War. May have had a link with John Groom’s Crippleage.

Westerham Hill
Deepdale Cottages
Lime Villa
Old quarry

On the London, Bromley side of the border
Silversted Lane
Grays Stud


Compilation of this work has taken many years and numerous sources of material.


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