The London/Kent Border - Westerham Hill

TQ43 57 The area around Westerham Hill as it climbs the face of the North Downs
Boundary London/Kent/Bromley

The boundary goes westward and traverses the southern edge of Broomcocks Wood. It continues westward and crosses Westerham Hill and on to a west bound footpath to Heights View. After a while it curves to turn north and crosses Chestnut Avenue and Tatsfield Lane and continues in a northwesterly direction.

The boundary turns up Westerham Hill back onto the Downs - and for next few square zig zags so that down market Biggin Hill is in London while posher Tatsfield remains in Surrey. Chestnut Avenue here is so posh you won't be able to get into it - but note 'Fort Cottages' and also note that this old fort is just one of many along the line of fortress North Downs.

Post to the east Westerham Hill

On the Kent, Sevenoaks side of the boundary

Chestnut Avenue
Little Betsom’s Farm
Fort Cottages a house built from the remains of a 19th fort. Timber stables and grounds
Mole End with mole and ratty mural
Heights View
Stone pillar marks the Kent surrey boundary

Palace Road
Top Croft

Tatsfield Lane

The Avenue

Whitelands Shaw
Round Shaw

On the London, Bronmley side of the boundary

Grays Road
Broomcocks Wood

Westerham Hill
The Mount
Buckhurst Lodge. This residence was probably intended as a shooting lodge on the Cudham Manor estate. It was called ' Bokehurst' Lodge, on the map of 1699. The centre portion of the present building is Georgian with later additions at each end. In the early 1900's it was owned by Professor Lambert, a mathematician who lectured at Greenwich.
Hawleys Corner. Highest point in Kent.
Christian mission set up here in 1877 by Miss Thorneycroft, from a local farming family.
Spinning Wheel restaurant at the corner of Gray’s Road expanded from a tearoom and a tiny cottage is accommodation for the manager.
Westerham Heights Nursery.

Compilation of this work has taken many years and numerous sources of material.


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Miss Thorneycroft mission - now Westerham Hill Baptist Church.
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