The London/Kent boundary. Pratt's Bottom

TQ 47 63 An area of suburban housing around Pratt’s Bottom and the A21

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary follows the Sevenoaks Road, westwards. At the junction with Stonehouse Lane it turns more sharply south west and crosses Turnpike Drive and goes south down a footpath from Turnpike Drive to Stonehouse. It crosses Stonehouse and continues south east to cross a footpath and enter Pratts Grove.

On the boundary
Sevenoaks Road
The road was turnpiked in 1749 between Farnborough and Sevenoaks and turning up Rushmore Hill at the toll gate
Turnpike gate with a toll house. The turnpike cottage was demolished in 1927.

Post to the east Broke Farm
Post to the south Pratts Bottom

On the Kent, Sevenoaks side of the boundary
Broke Farm Drive
Small playpark for children

Pratt's Bottom,
Family name in 12th century, vestry built house in 1623

Stonehouse Lane
Stonehouse Farm

On the London, Bromley side of the boundary
Rushmore Hill
The road was turnpiked in 1749 between Farnborough and Sevenoaks and turning here from the Sevenoaks Road at the toll gate
Bull's Head . a coaching stop on the turnpike road. Pub dates from the 16th . Dick Turpin is supposed to have been there and escaped into a now defunct tunnel to Peartree Cottage. Tombstone in the rear garden of John Walkling said to have fought a duel with Dick Turpin there.
Line of ancient lime trees
All Souls Church. 19th building and damaged by a land mine in 1940, damaged again by falling trees in 1987.

Turnpike Drive
Named because of the turnpike toll house on the Sevenoaks Road

Compilation of this work has taken many years and numerous sources of material.


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