The London/Kent boundary. Pratt's Bottom


TQ47 62 An area of scattered housing and woodland to the south of Pratt’s Bottom

Boundary London/Kent/Bromley
The boundary continues southwards through Pratt’s Grove parallel with a footpath and into Birthday Wood. At the edge of the wood the boundary continues slightly more south east.
The boundary runs west slightly to the north of but parallel to a path which forms the boundary of Rushmore Hill Nursery, it crosses another path, and then crosses Rushmore Hill. It then joins a path opposite and goes down the northern edge of Lower Randle’s Wood.

Post to the south Halstead
Post to the north Pratt's Bottom

On the London, Bromley side of the boundary
Budgin’s Hill
Lattice Coppice
Upper Broom’s Wood

Hookwood Road
Hookwood Road is the original of the Rushmore Hill turnpike road.
Hookwood small children’s playground
Hook Wood
Hookwood Cottages

Pratt’s Bottom Wood

Rushmore Hill
Built to replace Hookwood Road on the main turnpike road, probably to improve the gradient
The name is on the first edition of the Ordnance Survey and could mean a place, or a pool, where rushes grow, from Middle English.
Pratts Grove. Site of a lime kiln and pit operated by a Mr.Pratt. quarry site.
Birthday Wood. A Californian redwood was planted here to mark the birth of a child, hence the name,
Pratts Bottom Primary School built 1893

Compilation of this work has taken many years and numerous sources of material.


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