The London/Surrey boundary. Hamsey Green

TQ 35 60 A rural area with a lot of ribbon developed suburban housing

Boundary London/Surrey/Croydon
The boundary goes south from Mossyhill Shaw and then runs south west along the northern boundary of Moseshill Shaw. At the north west corner of the wood it turns north west to reach Kingswood Lane which it follows until the junction with Mead Way when it turns north west to go round the pond

Post to the west Tithepit

On the Surrey, Tandridge side of the boundary
Crewe’s Lane
Crewe’s Wood
Crewe’s House

Hamsey Green
Hamsey Green Farmhouse. 1700 gone
Good Companions Pub. 1930s roadhouse style. Demolished
Hamsey Green Pond –believed to be Neolithic. Mentioned since 13th in records as ‘Wychemere’ for watering cattle.

Moseshill Shaw

This material has been compiled over many years and from many different sources


M said…
Thanks to J who has commented to point out that I had been spelling this place wrong all these years! J - sorry your comment was all garbled by the time it got to me and I couldn't really post it because it would need to be unscrambled. Anyway thanks and I have corrected it, and also noted that the Good Companions has been demolished - a couple of years ago, I think. It went right down before that too! Pity, at one time it had a very old fashioned dining room. Thanks anyway. Edith

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