Thames Tributary River Ember - Imber

Thames Tributary River Ember
The Ember flows east and then curves north east in a wide artificial channel. A branch of original river leaves it flowing north eastwards.

Post to the west Esher Sewage Works
Post to the north Molesey
Post to the south Esher

Chestnut Avenue
1 All Saints Hall
Entrance piers and railings to the Old Red House. 18th in red brick with stone coping
and stone globe 7ft high.
2 The Old Red House. Early 18th house in red brick. Once known as Hansler House, after city merchant, Jacob Hansler, a former owner.
All Saints Weston Church. Built 1938-9 by Edward Maufe in dramatic white brick with an asymmetrical bell tower.
Admiral's Row, of six cottages once owned, by, Admiral Lambert of Weston House
Marney's Pond. One of two remaining fish ponds. Marney were a family who had a local timber yard with grazing rights on the common.

Ditton Common.
Also called Ditton Marsh
Thames Ditton and Esher Golf Course. Opened 1892 on common land with a right of way across the course.

Ember Lane
Imber Court. Metropolitan Police Training College. Originally known as Immeworth and King John was entertained here in 1212. Imworth was a distinct manor by 1223 and, having passed through a number of owners it was passed to the Crown in the 1540s and then granted to various others including Speaker Onslow. In 1899 it was sold. Then became a race course. The mounted police came from the old Remount Depot in Kensington and opened a Training Establishment here where the Mounted Branch was trained. There is also a small museum. In 1944 a detachment of the Welsh Guards stationed here were subject to an attack by a V2 rocket. Rebuilt. The Metropolitan Police sports ground here hosts many sporting events.
Imber Court Trading Estate
94 Emberhurst School.
Yet another posh private ‘preparatory’ school. Dates from 1935.

Emberside Recreation Ground

Island Barn Reservoir
Built on the site a barn of Island Farm under the Lambeth Water Act of 1900. It was opened in 1911. Now used by a sailing club.

The Drive
Cranmere primary school
Ember Sports Club


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