Thames Tributary Mardyke - Ship Lane

Thames Tributary Mardyke
The Mardyke flows south w

Post to the west Aveley
Post to the north Ockendon Junction 30
Post to the south West Thurrock

Arterial road. The Thames Gateway section of the A13 dates from 1998 and comes from Wennington as a three lane dual carriageway. It intersects with the M25 at Junction 30. The A13 here dates mostly from the 1980s - including the flyover above the M25 which stood here incomplete for over 15 years.

Back Lane
Four deneholes recorded to the north west of the lane.

Thurrock Service Area

Ship Lane
The lane existed by the end of the 16th
The Thurrock Hotel. This was a College which the South Brothers turned into a fitness centre and then a hotel. In 1939 a senior council school was opened in Back Lane for 480 children from Aveley, Purfleet, and West Thurrock. It became a county secondary school in 1945 and moved in 1964.
Thurrock Football Club sports ground. The club has played at here since they were set up in 1985. The ground was initially owned by Thurrock Hotel and had two pitches and its dressing rooms were in the main hotel building. It has now been rebuilt as a separate complex.
Mardyke Farm
Causeway Bridge. Crossing of the Mardyke, which was once a ford. “Causeway” implies there was a made road to it
Iron Age farmstead found north of the Mar Dyke during work on A13. This round houses and cattle shelters plus flint, metalwork, and pottery of 1st-4th. The surrounding fields appear to have survived after the coming of the Romans, since Roman coins have been found


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