Thames Tributary Mardyke - Warley Street

Thames Tributary Mardyke
The Mardyke flows south east and is joined by a tributary from ponds on the golf course to the north east

Boundary London/Essex/Havering
This boundary line has now been replaced by a line which goes down the M25. The old line followed a path going south east from Cricket Ground. It turned north east still on the path but left it going south east, parallel with Warley Street, before reaching a ‘works’. It crossed Codham Hall Lane and then turned north east to cross Warley Street and continued, slightly more east but still north east. To meet the Mardyke, which it then followed southwards to the northern boundary of Warley Hall Wood

Post to the north Warley Gap

Post to the west Parkers Shaw
Post to the east Childerditch

Bird Lane
Great Warley Church of England Primary School, also known as the Lower Warley school. In 1843 the rector built a permanent school using a government grant, on a site given by Charles Winn, Lord Headley. The school was supported by subscriptions, and grants from the National Society. In 1862 a teacher's house was added. In 1936 it was changed to only take juniors and infants and was closed in 1968. Since converted to housing.

Codham Hall Lane
Lachets Shaw

Great Warley Street.
Normans Cottage
Old Pump Works. Now an office development. This was the Essex and Suffolk Water Pumping Station. It has two semi-subterranean reservoirs and four pump house buildings.

Rectory Chase
St.Peter’s Rectory

Warley Street
Warley Rose Garden. Founded in 1962 by Mr. Deaner and his son at the site of their piggery. They have developed a number of roses since then.
Home Meadow
Mangrove Cottages
Woodlands School. Yet another private fee paying place. Post to the north Warley Gap


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