Thames Tributary Mardyke - Thorndon

Thames Tributary Mardyke
The Mardyke flows southwards

Post to the east East Horndon
Post to the north Thorndon

Southend Arterial Road

Thorndon Country Park
Remains of Old Hall. Thorndon Hall replaced Old Thorndon Hall which the ruins of which are in what is now called as "ruin wood". The estate had been the manor of West Horndon and a building here was first noted in 1414 when Lewis John, a merchant, walled in a park and embattled the house. The old hall was burnt down in the early 18th and later the remains were used as farm buildings. The portico had been imported from Italy in 1742 and it was removed and remodelled for the new house.
Old Hall Pond. This was a fish pond for old Thorndon Hall. In the early 18th it became part of Lord Petre’s landscape garden. He had hot houses built on the western bank for the propagation of pineapples and bananas. It is currently used for angling.
Site of St.Nicholas Church
Mill Wood.
Thick Shaw
Straight Path Shaw
Pigeon Mount. Raised platform thought to be the site of a dovecote.
The Old Shop


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