Thames Tributary Ingrebourne - South Weald

Thames Tributary Ingrebourne
The Ingrebourne rises from springs in the area of Weald Road and three small streams flow south.

Post to the south South Weald

Post to the west Weald Park

Sandpit Lane
South Weald Camp – this is thought to be late Iron Age and the road runs right through it. It is has a single rampart and ditch, is circular, and covers 7 acres. It is in a bad condition
Langtons. Mid-16th house in red brick and in an original rectangular plan, It is named from Simon Langton, 1327
Sandpit Cottage
Cricket ground

Weald Park
The Park is 700-years old and covers 500 acres. Landscaping was done in the early 18th for Hugh Smith, lord of the manor 1732-1745. Weald Park was taken over by the military in the Second World War for Home Guard training. The estate was sold in 1946 and purchased by Essex County Council in 1953. There is a wood with a picnic area and wide parkland leading down to a lake.
The Forest
Deer Park
Foxdown Cottage
The Cottage

Weald Road
Cricket Ground

Osborne. Defending London


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