Tykes Water - Medburn

Tykes Water
Tykes Water flows northwards. A tributary stream also flows north

Post to the south Aldenham Park
Post to the east Borehamwood
Post to the west Slades Farm
Post to the north Kendal Hall

Tykes Water Lane
Electricity sub station owned by the railway with electrical and communications equipment

Watling Street
North Medbourn Farm
Aldenham Wood Lodge
Belstone Football Club. The Club was founded in 1983. The original home was the General Electrical Co London Sports Ground in Preston Road, Wembley but in 1989, this was sold for housing. In 1990 after a long search they leased the Medburn Ground which had been a rugby pitch since 1922 and abandoned in 1990. The club built a new clubhouse and drained the pitch.
Medburn House. The first elementary school serving Radlett, Elstree and Borehamwood was Medburn Boys Elementary School established in 1864 on Watling Street to the south of Radlett. It The school was built by the Brewers Company to replace the demolished lower school of Aldenham School. In the 1870s, the Charity Commission redistributed the proceeds of the sale of land owned by the Platt foundation of Aldenham School, directing £8,000 to local elementary schools.The buildings of the former boys' school are now Medburn Kennels at Medburn House.

Avengerland. Web site
Belstone Football Club. Web site.
Walford. Village London


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