Mymshall Brook Crossoaks

Tributary to the Mymshall Brook
The Tributary is made up of a number of streams which rise in this area and flow north eastwards
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Countryside area with scattered farms and posh houses now in commercial use.

Post to the east Ridge
Post to the west Green Street
Post to the north Mimms Lane Ford

Crossoaks Lane
Crossoaks Farm. This farm operates as livery stables with a number of other associated businesses. The current owners have been there since 1981 and have a number of other local farms
Crossoaks Wood
Little Pursley Wood. Ancient woodland

High Canons Lane
High Canons estate. This was the manor of Holmes or Cannons and belonged to St Bartholomew’s, Smithfield in the Middle Ages.  The estate changed hands frequently until 1813 and from there passed to the Burdett - Coutts family in the 1880s and was later bought by Hertfordshire County Council.
High Canons. House of around 1800 altered since. It is in brick but stuccoed and whitewashed.  Conservatory extension and stables. Used as a location in The Avengers and numerous other films and TV shows. It was for a while used as a local primary school and it is now a private house.

London Road, Silver Hill
Crossoaks Farm Cottages
Silver Hill Cottages

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