River Colne Whitehorse Lane

River Colne
The Colne flows south westwards and is joined by a tributary from the east

Post to the east Tyttenhanger
Post to the south London Colney

Coppice Wood
This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has been identified as ancient woodland

London Colney by pass.
This was built in 1959, to join with the A414 at the north end of the village and was seen as the first stage of a motorway to Yorkshire.

Whitehorse Lane
Morris Playing Fields. This includes a paddling pool, football pitches, and tennis courts. The pavilion is used by local community groups, churches and civic functions. It was the Charles Morris Playing Fields. Morris was born an engineer who worked in India for Jessop and Co. Morris retired to this area buying a local farm and began a life of local benevolence as well as being a local magistrate and cattle breeder. The playing fields were dedicated to him in 1935 and a brass plaque installed which said ‘In memory of Charles Morris and his wife Edith H Morris this playing field was purchased for the benefit of the inhabitants of London Colney out of a bequest left by him.’
Dudley Wood. This was a a playing field belonging to Colney Heath Parish Council which became derelict.  In the 1990s the Parish Clerk of Colney Heath, Dudley Wood, disappeared in the Pyrenees, and it was decided to replant the field with young saplings and dedicate it to him,.

Charles Morris Hall. Web site
Londoncolney. Web site
London Colney. Wikipedia. Web site


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