Catherine Bourne. South Mimms

Catharine Bourne
The Catharine Bourne flows north westwards

Post to the west Rapley Park
Post to the east South Mimms
Post to the north Redwell Wood
Post to the south Ridge

Blackhorse Lane
This was once the Holyhead Road
The Blackhorse.  The pub is said to date to 1709 when it was called 'The unicorn' and there was a previous horse on the site. It is in red-brick with an 18th exterior
In the 17th in this area were the rectory and the South Mimms and Shenley poorhouses.

Catharine Bourne
Ford – this lies on a footpath

A dual carriageway bypass was built around South Mimms in 1970, and then the section between here and London Colney was upgraded to the M25 in 1986.

St.Alban's Road
Line of old pre-Telford Holyhead Road and then became The A6 going through South Mimms until 1970
Anti tank measures. west of the road is the site of a concrete and iron Caltrop anti-tank obstacle. It was  moved to the Imperial War Museum in 1999 as a rare survivor of road block type that was actually established to be of no value after tests in 1940
Anti-tank ditch. The Second World War Outer London Stop Line ran to the north of the village. There may be the remains of a a section of an anti-tank ditch although lines shown in aeriel photographs are inconclusive.

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