Mymshall Brook - Mimms Wash

Mymshall Brook
Mymshall Brook flows north

Post to the south Dancers Hill
Post to the west Bignall's Corner
Post to the north Mutton Lane
Post to the east

Bridgefoot Lane
Bridgefoot Farm. The farm house is mid 18th in brick and there is a 17th barn
Cottage. 18th in brick with weatherboarding,
Bridgefoot House

Wash Lane
This is the pre-Telford Medieval Holyhead Road – from Dancers Hill going on to Greyhound Lane
Mimms Wash
Bridge over the Mymshall Brook – three arched bridge built in 1772. The Wash often flooded the adjacent land making the road impassable. It was built by James Hill, a stone mason of Barnet, and Francis Carrack, a bricklayer of Islington, for the Hertford, Middlesex and St Albans Turnpike Trust. The parapets have been rebuilt.

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Middlesex County Council. History of Middlesex
Webster. Great North Road,


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