River Colne Tyttenhanger

River Colne
The Colne flows south westwards
A Tributary to the Colne flows north westwards

Post to the north Parkgate Corner
Post to the east Coursers Farm
Post to the west Whitehorse Lane
Post to the south Bell Roundabout

Coursers Road
The New Plantation, woodland area
Tyttenhanger Farm. The farm is used by a trading firms and businesses – in particular it is a base for Lawsons, Timber Merchants
Willows Farm
Tyttenhanger Quarry South. Lafarge Gravel extraction site in use since 1982
Willows Farm Village. This is a fun theme park aimed at children and claiming to be ‘incredible’. Mainly on the site of what was Bowman's Green Farm

Tyttenhanger Park
Tyttenhanger House. The original manor-house was built here by the Abbot of St. Albans in the 14th and was later demolished and rebuilt. By the 16th it was in the hands of Wolsey as Abbot of St. Albans and Henry VIII stayed there in 1528. Part of the area was leased to Bowman – in particular an important warren. After the dissolution the estate was granted to Thomas Pope and it later passed to the Blount family - One member of the family was Henry Blount a traveller and writer who built the present house in the mid 17th.  . It had been claimed to be designed Inigo Jones, or possibly Peter Mills and it was later altered by John Soane. It is in gauged and rubbed brick and has a central square wooden clock turret with an octagonal bell chamber plus a cupola and weathervane. Inside is some Jacobean panelling and an original carved staircase. One the second floor is a chapel with panelling, pulpit and painted features – there is a glass sundial in the window. It has been used as offices and as a ‘wedding venue’ since 1973
Garden Wood. Woodland once used for paintball games.

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