Tykes Water - Aldenham Park

Tykes Water.
Tykes Water flows northwards

Post to the south Elstree
Post to the north Medburn
Post to the west Aldenham House

Aldenham Park
Aldenham Park was owned by Hucks brewers in the 18th. The area covered in the square is to the east of the house. The park was probably laid out during the 18th century. There is a landscaped park to the east and south of the house. In the 1880s the avenues were extended and the arboretum developed
Tykes Water Lake. In 1873 the stream was dammed to create the lake. The lake is private, rented and managed by a fishing club.
Boat house. This is on the southern part of the lake and has a rustic front surrounded by rockwork.
Tykes Water Bridge. This features in the open credits to the Peter Cushing version of Dracula in 1972. It also appears in The Avengers and many other films and TV shows. It carries the drive from the south east lodge and goes across the waist of the lake as a three-arch brick and stone bridge with a brick parapet which is ornamentally pierced. The lake is divided into two by the bridge and a perimter walk once went round the lake from it.
Home Farm. This is within Aldenham Park and was developed by Henry Hucks Gibbs as a model farm during the late 19th. The farmhouse was designed by W Butterfield. It was built between 1879 and 1881. It was previously called Stapes Farm.
Wilderness. This has three miles of wide grassy walks and rides. This was originally an open area of trees and shrubs with meadow grass.
Aldenham Wood and the Arboretum,  Set up by Vicary Gibb by 1918 this is said have contained 179 varieties of oak, 500 varieties of thorn and many other species. West of the drive in trhe woodland are mature specimens of ornamental tree species, and this was formerly laid out with glades running between groups of trees.  There is a  star-shaped pond lies within the woodland and west od this areplaying fields, formerly open parkland planted with specimen trees with a line of trees running along the road boundaries.

Watling Street
This is the line of the Roman road, Watling Street, the A5, now the A5183.
Wagon and Horses. Roadside pub which claims to have been founded in 1471.  The building is late 17th with 19th brick outside but some original timber frame and some weatherboard
Radlett Park Golf Club. This dates from 1984 and was called Elstree Golf Club. It had a 9 hole course with a small golf clubhouse designed by its architect owners. In 1986 it became 18 holes. In 1987 it was taken over by London Golf and Leisure and in 1989 a second 18 hole course was built. The clubhouse was rebuilt and in 2000 ownership changed again.
South Medbourn Farm. This is an equestrian centre. 17th and 18th barns with timber frame, painted brick walls and weather boarded.
Medburn Bridge. This bridge on the road between Elstree and Radlett over Tykes Water was originally built in 1769 by the local manors of Kendals and Aldenham because the road was sometimes flooded. It became a county bridge in 1825.
Lodge to Aldenham Park. This is the south east drive,

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