River Colne. Parkgate Corner

River Colne
The Colne flows south west and south and is joined from the north by the Ellenbrook

Post to the east Colney Heath
Post to the north Colney Heath
Post to the south Tyttenhanger

Church Lane
Coal post on the north bank of the river Colne. This is the most northerly post.
Water works built in the 1900s by the Barnet and District Gas and Water Co. Recently it has passed through a number of changes in company, whose head offices were based locally. It is currently part of Affinity.
North London Society of Model Engineers. The society dates from 1944 and has a headquarters in Finchley. The site here at Colney Heath includes railway layouts, a boat pool, and other facilities
Parkgate Corner. Houses built by the Colne Valley Water Co, for water works workers

North Orbital Road
Tyttenhanger Larfarge Quarry North

Willows Lakes
These are carp fishing sites, using lakes formed by gravel extraction and previously part of the land of Willows farm and known as Bowmans lakes

Hertfordshire Coal Posts. Web site
North London Society of Model Engineers. Web site.
Willows Lakes. Web site


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