Mymshall Brook - Welham Green

Mymshall Brook
A tributary to the Mymshall Brook floes southwards through this area

Post to the east Foxes Lane
Post to the south Waterend

Bulls Lane
Skimpans farm. Farmhouse now in other use. Painted brick 17th building extended in the 19th. Granary at the farm
Skimpans Bridge – bridge over a stream east of the railway bridge
Gasholder - a modern style gas holder once stood east of the railway bridge on the south side of the road. Remains of this appear to exist under recent sheds and animal housing.

Dellsome Lane
This was once known as Workhouse Lane
The Old School House. This is the last remaining building of the Church of England school the site of which is now covered by Vincenzo Close. The old school main building and master’s house remain.  When the site was sold the school merged with what is now North Mymms St Mary’s School. The school date is shown in the gable end as 1887 and the Church of England had paid for the school to be built. The existing buildings had previously been the parish workhouse and before that Barfolds Farm, was on the site.
Barfolds Farm had been subject to a land swap in 1778 which meant that only the house and garden remained. The rent for it was used for the relief of poverty. It appears also that was used the parish workhouse.

Dixons Hill Road
Welham Green Station. Lies between Brookman's Park and Hatfield Stations on First Capital Connect. It was opened in 1986 with funding from the local authorities. It has a booking office, on the northbound platform

Great North Road
The road runs towards Hatfield alongside the walls of the Salisbury estate
The Rookery transport café light and airy with light blue and darker blue windows with shutters.

Meadow Close
This covers the area of Meadow Works which stood in Bulls Lane. It was factory used by Addo and Polycell.

Station Road
Hope and Anchor. Pub recorded as such in 1838. 17th house with a timber frame. 19th and 20th extensions.
Potterells Farm. Some farm buildings have been converted to housing. Cottages were built for farm works in the 1950s by Nash Bros. They have since been replaced
North Mymms Memorial Hall.  With a clock on the façade. This building replaced a previous wooden scout hut. It was first suggested in 1927 but the hall was not opened until 1957. Land was donated by Mr Crawford, of Potterells Farm, and funding raised by local people. It was decided to turn the hall into a memorial for local people who had died in two world wars.
North Mymms Social Club
Sibthorpe Arms. Pub known in 1759 as The Duke of Leeds Arms, after the local Lord of the Manor. By 1850 it was called The Sibthorpe Arms, after the Sibthorpe family who owned the Manor of Potterells
31 house. 17th with a timber frame. It was converted to two cottages in the 18th but it is now one house again
9 house. 18th with a timber frame and white weatherboarding

Travellers Lane
Alpha Business Park
Industrial and trading area

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