Ellenbrook Hatfield Aerodrome

The Ellenbrook flows southwards

Post to the south Hatfield Aerodrome

Coopers Green Lane
Astwick Manor.  Astwick is mentioned in records from the 13th and appears to mean ‘East Dairy Farm’. It passed through various hands but in the 1819 was sold to a member of the Lloyd family who held it until requisitioned by the RAF in the Second World War. It housed various RAF squadrons throughout the war.  In 1949 it became the Headquarters of the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School and later became the Hawker Sideley Apprentice Training School. It has now been converted for housing.  It is a late 17th house extended in the 19th and 20th and in chequered red brick,

Ellenbrook Fields

This area was the site of the de Havilland aerodrome. It is now owned by an organisation which began as British Aerospace’s property division and is undertaking regeneration of the area along with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council, St Albans City and District Council and Hertfordshire County Council. Until the 1930s it was a farm owned by the Sinclair family it was then acquired by de Havilland and the first planes were flown in 1933. In 1960 it was taken over by Hawker Siddeley and in 1978 by British Aerospace.  The site closed in 1994.

Home Covert. This ancient woodland is dominated by ash, oak, hornbeam and silver birch with an understory of elder, hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel. The ground flora is made of bramble and flowering plants including bluebells, dog’s mercury and celandine. There is a line of hornbeam along the edge which have been pollarded to form a fence.
Round Wood. Inside the wood is a waterhole or pond. This may be a marl pit or it may be a sinkhole or a bomb crater.
Hay Meadow. A large area which has been cleared of rubbish and metal and have turned over to hay meadow. A hay crop was harvested in 2010 and used locally

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