River Colne. Harper Lane

River Colne
The Colne flows south westwards

Post to the north Springfield Farm
Post to the west Netherwylde
Post to the south Tykes water

Harper Lane
Harper Lodge Farm. Dean Ivory racehorse business
Ivory Business Centre. Trading and light industrial area round Ivory’s haulage business.
Radlett Golf Centre. This is an ‘academy’ for teaching golf.
Houndswood Farm. Business and trading centre
Nine Acres Wood
Houndswood House. Care home
Lafarge. Harper Lane Quarry. This is an integrated minerals processing and distribution centre for rail served aggregate storage and distribution, coated road stone plant, and aggregate recycling centre.  There is a circular rail siding into the site.
NAS Radlett Lodge School. This educates children with autism

Dean Ivory. Web site.
Hertfordshire County Council. Web site
Houndswood House. Web site
Radett Golf Centre. Web site
Radlett Lodge School. Web site.


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