Thames Tributary Salfords Stream - Redhill Aerodrome

Thames Tributary Salfords Stream
Salfords Stream flows west towards the river Mole

Salfords stream
The stream flows south west

Post to the west Whitebushes
Post to the north South Nutfield
Post to the east Redhill Aerodrome
Post to the south Mason's Bridge

Kings Mill Lane
Redhill Aerodrome. The aerodrome opened in 1934 when British Air Transport left Croydon and the company bought Ham Farm while A G Douglas founded Redhill Flying Club in 1937. Six new hangars were built in 1938. In the Second World War it was satellite airfield to Kenley. In 1941-42 the perimeter track was laid and blister hangars, concrete aircraft stands and aircrew huts added. Balloon Barrage Command was on site until May 1945 and it was then used as an ammunition dump, cleared in 1947. After the war the airfield was used for private flying. On site were engineering firms; Bristow's helicopters, Brake Brothers food – using premises in which the MOD had kept 'Green Goddess' fire engines. There was also a grass drying plant.
CAG hut. The Civil Air Guard was formed in 1937 and was a scheme by which men and women could learn to fly cheaply if they undertook to serve in the RAF in an emergency. The hut is by the airport gate.
Royal Observer Post This was a permanent posts, but it was removed after the disbandment of the ROC.
Air-Raid Shelters Four air-raid shelters have been identified - One used as storage by a factory

Osborne. Defending London


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