Thames Tributary Salfords Stream - Mason's Bridge

Thames Tributary Salfords Stream
Salfords Stream flows west towards the river Mole

Salfords stream
The stream flows south west and then turns north west

Post to the west Salfords
Post to the north Redhill Aerodrome

Axes Lane
Dairy House Farm - this is now called Honeycrock Farm. The farm changed hands in 1984 up to when it had been a biscuit milling plant for animal feed. The new owner, Mr. Fidler, farms the land and rents out sheds for helicopter storage and some fields for grazing. He then built at the back of the site a house in the shape of a castle and covered it with straw bales so that the planning authorities wouldn’t see it. He seems to have won on appeal to the inspectorate.
Axeland Park

Mason’s Bridge Road
Mason’s Bridge over the Salfords Stream


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