Thames Tributary Beverley - Richmond Park Kingsfarm

Thames Tributary Beverley
The Beverley flows northwards towards the Thames

Post to the north Alton Estate
Post to the south Roehampton Vale
Post to the east Roehampton

Minstead Gardens
1-13, 15-33, 2-26 bungalows for OAPs. Built 1957-8 by the London County Council's Architect's Department Housing Division, Colin Lucas Architect in Charge. Brick and concrete. A feature of the Alton West development with a small scale as a deliberate counterpoise to the slabs and point blocks around. Listed
Roehampton Methodist Church Mount Clare House. ‘Mock heroic’ 18th mansion built for a member of the Clive family. In use by Roehampton University,
Garden temple at Mount Clare
Picasso House. Building off Minstead Gardens leading to Mount Clare. Used by the University.
Alton Primary School

Mount Angellus Close
Maryfield Convent. Poor Servants of the Mother of God

Richmond Park
Bird Sanctuary
Richmond Park Golf Course. Public golf course owned by the Royal Park
Killcat Corner
Kingsfarm Plantation
Victory Plantation

Roehampton Vale
ASDA store site - this was the site of the Bald Faced Stag Inn. In the 1920s Kemelm Lee Guiness set up a spark plug factory here and electrical equipment for racing cars. They developed a plug using mica which could stand higher temperatures than porcelain. The factory was taken over by Smiths Industries and closed in the 1980s.


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