Thames Tributary Hogsmill -Old Malden

Thames Tributary Hogsmill
The Hogsmill continues to flow west to the Thames

Post to the east Worcester Park
Post to the south Worcester Park

Church Road
The Saxon description 'Mael Dune' means ‘Cross on the hill’ and refers to the slope down to the Hogsmill. Maldon Manor became the property of Walter de Merton, from Merton Priory in 1640, and later Chancellor of England. He established Merton College at Oxford in 1264, and at first it was administered from here. Elizabeth took it over in the 1580 to give it to the Earl of Arundel in exchange for Nonsuch. It was returned to Merton College in 1627 following an appeal to the House of Lords.
Plough Green. Traditional type village green
Plough Inn. 16th century. Core pre-reformation but looks entirely 20th. Listed.
Duck pond as part of Plough Green.
Manor House. A red brick, Queen Anne style, building of c. 1700.
Manor Farm. With the date 1855 worked into the gable in coloured bricks
Old cottages owned by Merton College
The Lodge, weatherboarded
Woodthorpe an stunning early modern house of c. 1935 Art deco house
St.John the Baptist. The church overlooks the Hogsmill. It is of Saxon origin and probably has original 14th flint work at the east end. The commissioners for Edward VI took away every thing that could be moved in 1553.Since its return in 1627 the living of St John's and the freehold of much of the surrounding land is still held by Merton College. The nave and tower date from 1610. Inside is a stone to say the church was built at the expense of John Goode f 1627 who 'ecclesiam, of penitus collapsam ab imis fundamentis restituit'. There is also a stone saying ‘Here stood the Lords Table on Maeldune the hollow of the cross’
Churchyard with ancient yews

Maldon Road
Manor Park. Big local park. ASM Tennis Centre on site,
Railway Bridge. Constructed of plate steel but with concrete cladding as a way to reduce maintenance.

Manor Drive North
Maldon Manor Station. 1936. Between Tolworth and Motspur Park on South Western Rail. It has kept much of its original appearance although there are no longer waiting rooms. All the stations on this line used concrete influenced by the design of stations on the underground but to a lower standard and have not weathered well. It was originally in Art Deco yellow brick and the platforms have ‘Chisarc’ cantilevered concrete canopies with portholes. At street level there was an originally car park, toilets, parcels office and shops. There were subways, stairs a separate parcels ramp - Waiting rooms had furniture and a stove.
Manor pub. A neo-Georgian pub on a corner site built in the 1930s. There is a Coat of arms of Hodgson’s brewery above three of the doors. It was supposed to be on the A3 but the pub was built and then the route was changed so it’s in the middle of a housing estate instead.

Sheephouse Way
Malden Manor Primary School
Railway Line
Line from Motspur Park to Chessington built in 1936. Some steep gradients on this stretch.


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