The London/Buckinghamshire border - Denham and Dewe's Farm

The London, Hillingdon/Buckinghamshire boundary goes northwards along the River Colne
The River Colne flows southwards
Sites on the London, Hillingdon side of the border

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Area with many amenities for the surrounding area

Post to the west Denham Station

Flagmoor Covert

Harefield Place Golf Course
Lakes managed by Hillingdon Wildlife Group

Harefield No.2 Pit. Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre which was originally Hillingdon Sailing Base. Owned and managed by London Borough of Hillingdon. The anglers don’t like it.

Dewe’s Farm. Many worked flint implements found, plus flakes and so on indicating industrial production. Now a haven for bikers racing
Stream through the area of the farm from Batteswell.
Dewe’s Dell
The Alders
Pumping Station
Waste Transfer site. Uxbridge Skip Hire
Hanson Premix, cement production.

Railway Line
Denham West Junction was immediately to the east of the Grand Union Canal Viaduct. This was for the line going down to Uxbridge.
Denham East Junction. This was for the line going down to Uxbridge. It was little used and the tracks were removed in 1916 for war purposes and never relaid.
Denham South Junction. Single track laid from here for a sidings for an oil tanker depot in 1942. The line ran from here down to Uxbridge following Frays River on its east bank initially

District Dave. Web site
Harefield Place Golf Club. Web site
Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre. Web site
London Borough of Hillingdon. Web site


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