The London/Buckinghamshire boundary, Poyle

The London, Hillingdon/Buckinghamshire, Spelthorne boundary goes westwards along Airport Way to the junction with M25 where it meets the boundary with Buckinghamshire. It continues northwards up the west side of the M25.

The Wraysbury River flows southwards

Post to the north Poyle
Post to the east Stanwellmoor
Post to the south Stanwellmoor
Post to the west Horton

On the Buckinghamshire, Spelthorne side of the boundary

Blackthorne Industrial Estate

Brittania Industrial Estate

Horton Road
Oakleafe Farm. Refuse disposal site.
Lintells Bridge. Once called Grays Bridge this takes Horton Road over the Wraysbury River. Rebuilt by Sir William Gibbons in 1811.
Poyle Place
Roundabout on the M25 junction


Poyle Industrial Estate. ,
In the early 20th an explosives factory was established her but it had closed by 1935. By 1956 it housed the Poyle Industrial Estate.

Poyle Park

Poyle Road
Poyle Farm. Farm buildings in use as offices.


Polygon Business Centre

Railway Line
West Drayton and Staines Railway 1884 skirted the Poyle Explosives Works. Continued between the Wraysbury and Colne rivers.
Stanwell Moor and Poyle Halt opened 1927 by GWR on the West Drayton and Staines Railway. It was basically to serve the Explosives Works and Stanwell Village. It had a wooden shelter.
Skyway Trading Estate

Trident Industrial Estate

Viscount Industrial Estate


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