The London/Hertfordshire border - Maple Cross

The London, Hillingdon/ Hertfordshire boundary goes northwards along the River Colne

River Colne
The Colne flows southwards

Post to the north Rickmansworth Shepherd's Lane
Post to the south Maple Cross
Post to the east Stockers Lake
Post to the west Rickmansworth Bottom Wood

Sites on the Three Rivers/Hertfordshire side of the border

Denham Way
Woodoaks Farm. Grazing and arable with some derelict orchards owned by the Findlay family. in 1160 it as recorded as Woodwicks. On site is an Elizabethan garden wall, although a 16th barn had been moved when the farmhouse was rebuilt on the cellars of the medieval house. The farm is near the Colne and used the water meadows for grazing. In the 1930’s and 40’s the farm took over Shepherds Lane Farm and Long Lane Farm but the water meadows were sold off. There was a cherry orchard until the 1960’s but this now pastureland for the cattle.
Froghall Farm

Uxbridge Road
Longlane Farm. Part of Woodoaks farm since the 1950s.

Woodoaks Association. Web site


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