The London/Hertfordshire border - Harefield

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The London, Hillingdon/ Hertfordshire boundary goes northwards along the River Colne

The River Colne flows southwards

Post to the west Troy Mill
Post to the north Hill End
Post to the south Harefield

Black Jacks Lane

Sites on the London/Hillingdon side of the border

Black Jacks Mill. The mill stood on an island between the river and the canal. Victorian building 1870 now a posh BandB. Used as a location for Dr.Who and The Bargee. This is a Domesday mill site.
Iron foundry
Jacks Cottage: Grade II listed thatched cottage beside Black Jack’s Lock. It is thought that it was built by Simon Eversden in the 15th It has many chimneys and was used as a boundary marker for Middlesex. In the 19th it was part of a coal wharf. One chimney stack is original but its thatch and present lay out are 20th. It was the home of Ann Todd and ‘Basil Brush’ was filmed here.
Dry dock built in 1995.

Horse Shoe Bay
Black Jack’s Lock. Used as a location in The Bargee.

Coppermill Down
Unimproved chalk pasture and grazing. Says it is the only natural chalk grassland in London

Jacks Lane
Housing all along the canal

Park Lane
Colney Farm listed barns. The farrm’s name must relate to the River Colne.
Mount Pleasant. Also known as Harefield West and one of the most westerly points in London. The name probably refers to noxious industries which arrived via the canal. This district alongside Park Wood was developed from the early 19th century as an industrial area on the Canal with lime kilns, copper mills, and iron works.
Cricket Ground
Clancy Docwra site – entrance is from Coppermill Lane

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