The London/Buckinghamshire border - Willowbank

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The London, Hillingdon/Buckinghamshire boundary goes northwards along Frays River but leaves it going north east on an erratic course, probably of Shire Ditch, to cross Western Avenue and the Grand Union Canal to join the River Colne

The River Colne flows southwards and another stream diverges between this and the Canal.
Frays River goes southwards

Post to the north Denham Lock
Post to the south Uxbridge
Post to the west Denham Roundabout
Post to the east Swakeleys Roundabout

Sites on the Buckinghamshire side of the border

Alder Glade
Owned by HMTBC on stretch of disused railway line

Grand Union Canal
Denham Farm Bridge
Oxford Road/Western Avenue Bridge
Pipe Bridge
Frays Junction

Railway Line
The line between Denham and Uxbridge High Street ran on the west side of Frays River and Shire Ditch. This was an Great Western extension opened in 1907 and closed to passengers in 1939

The Western Arterial Road was built across the line in 1939.

Sanderson Road
Sandersons Factory. Arthur Sanderson founded the wallpaper firm in 1860 in Soho Square and by 1865 had moved to Berners Street with a factory in Chiswick. In 1921 a factory was opened in Uxbridge for the production of printed fabrics. Printing remained on this 100 Acres site until December 1999. In 1950 Sanderson added a new extension to its Uxbridge factory and in 1960 celebrated their 100th birthday by extending and enlarging it,

Shire ditch.
Interesting aquatic inhabitants. An older course of this delineates the county boundaries

The area was developed in the 1920s as holiday chalets on an island between the River Colne and the Grand Union Canal. Some of these original chalets remain today, but most have been replaced by permanent homes,

Willow Crescent West
The village green between here and Willow Crescent East.

Canalplan. Web site
City Wildspace
London Borough of Hillingdon. Web site
Sanderson's Web site


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