The London/Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire border - Troy

The London, Hillingdon/Buckinghamshire boundary goes northwards along the River Colne but also meet the border with Hertfordshire. The London Hillingdon/Hertfordshire border continues northwards up the River Colne.

The River Colne flows southwards

Post to the south Tilehouse Lane
Post to the east Harefield
Post to the north West Hyde
Post to the west Chalfont Old Shire Lane

Sites on the Three Rivers, Hertfordshire side of the border

Old Uxbridge Road
Troy Mill. Corn mill, a branch of the canal was built to it in 1802. In industrial use
Troy Farm. The abbey of St. Albans was granted La Troy. It since belonged to King's College, Cambridge.
Marble factory
Troy Mill barge repairers

West Hyde House
Pynesfield Lake
Stream which was for watercress beds

North Troy Lake.
Troy Lake. Owned by Rickmansworth Sailing Club who bought it from Portland Cement in 1959.
Long Life Lake

British History on Line. Harefield. Web site
Rickmansworth Sailing Club. Web site


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